FC Information

What kind of an FC is Shinryu's Tears?

We are a laid-back bunch of players looking to grow our company looking to just enjoy the game without all the added drama of a hardcore guild. Our members are in their late 20s to 30s, parents, working, and understand that people can't be on 24/7 which is why we would love to expand and have a pool of players we can relax and play with.

Do you do events?

We have a weekly treasure map event on Saturday where members group up. We also do special giveaways, trivia nights, music nights, and more.

Are you recruiting?

We are almost always open to new members and will usually have a post in Lodestone or FFXIV discord up.

Are you an RP Free Company?

We are not an RP Free Company, and while our Free Company house is highly themed, we are not an RP community.

What do you mean by safe space?

Our rules are ironclad in this community. As we are led by a member of the LGBTQ the community itself is meant to be an area where all can feel welcome and safe. The rules are enforced strictly and the FC Goal is to always make its members feel welcome and comfortable.

What are the FC hours of playing?

As Adamantoise is an East Coast server it would be safe to say most of the members are EST. However we do have some PST/CST and even some in European time zones. Generally speaking members are on everyday and most times, except around usually 6-9AM EST it is often quiet around then. (Server as a whole is too btw)

What are the rules on Inactivity?

We like to keep an active roster in the FC. Over 75% of members have logged in the past 7 days, and we like to keep active counts. With that said, if you are going on vacation or something, just give a shout out in discord and we will mark as such. If you are planning on taking a break from the game, for over 30 days due to some personal reasons, reach out to an officer and they can discuss.

Generally speaking, if a person disappears at around 30 days you will hear from an officer or leader, via discord. If not on discord, you will be dismissed. If you are on discord, we may mark you as InactiveWNotice and leave you be for a few more weeks. If someone is sitting around 2+ months last logged in, unless exceptional circumstances you will be pruned for inactivity. You will be allowed to rejoin once more after that, but if you go inactive again, you will be dismissed and no longer allowed in the FC.

Do you raid?

We do not have any set schedule for raiding/trials/dungeons. We let members organize amongst themselves to make groups for content, but we do have some groups that do.

Discord Information

Do I have to join the discord?

Currently Discord is a requirement for all new members yes. It is where we organize, set events, giveaways, communicate announcements, and more. Once in the discord you will answer some role reaction questions, then afterwards you must change your nickname to your ingame character. If you do not know how, ask an @officer.

Do I have to use voice chat on the discord?

Nope, it is not a requirement. We have several channels you may use, but that is completely optional.